Big Bang Theory

Recently I started to watch TV series that have been going on for a while called “The Big Bang Theory”. The series are about 4 nerds along with their neighbour, a typical Californian girl called Penny. The show is full of massive tech, entertainment, gaming, film and tv humor.  I’ve really enjoyed the show and …


Dandelions are edible, who knew?

Who knew that Dandelions are edible?  During our walk today we saw few families running around picking the leaves and the flowers off the Dandelions in a nearby field. After a short google search we found out that the leaves are excellent for salads (great as a rucola replacement), the flowers are great to make …

wordpress jack

Jack Johnson : The Best of Kokua Festival

One of our favorite artists Jack Johnson recently played at the Kokua Festival in Hawaii with few of his friends and now the CD is out. What a fantastic concert it must have been depending on the outcome. As he is born and bred in Hawaii, this is something he has done for the last …

Painting of Vaxholm

Charlotte’s Christmas gift

This is the picture that I painted and gave Charlotte as a Christmas Present.  The picture is of our house at Lojviksvagen, Vaxholm in Sweden.

Christmas with the Rat Pack

Christmas with the Rat Pack

We made it! Fortunately it had stopped to snow on Sunday, so we managed to take a train into London. We started off in Ascot, as there were few roughly 20 minutes until the train’s departure we managed to jump into the next bar to have a glass of mulled wine before heading off. The …

The Ratpack

Crooner’s Christmas

As some of you know I really like the old classical crooner/swing music, I don’t know what it is but this whole period fascinates me. Three favorites of mine formed an trio in 1960’s called the Ratpack which consisted of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and the Frank Sinatra. Last year Charlotte and myself saw …

Tech diagram

What does this picture represent?

What a stunning picture! This picture is representative of something, does anyone want to guess what it demonstrates? Update! The picture represents all facebook users in the world and how they interconnect. Pretty impressive

Future of gaming

Future of gaming

Jesse Schell, former creative director at Disney and a teacher in game design at Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center had a great presentation about current world of gaming and the future of gaming.  Funnily enough he mentions some of the things that I have mentioned in terms of incentivising future workforce generations or the video …

Gingerbread Cookies and Blue Cheese

Gingerbread Cookies and Blue Cheese

Those of you who love to eat gingerbread cookies, I highly encourage you to try them with a bit of blue cheese.  I promise you, you will be surprised 😉


Mass Effect 3 announced!

Fantastic announcements yesterday!  Mass Effect 3 will be up for release next Christmas.  Those of you who haven’t played the first two could do a lot worse than play through them this Christmas.  Another one which will undoubtedly take up some of my time next year is Elder Scrolls 5 which is also due later …